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As the site’s logo depicts, I do speak from the heart just as I’ll share things with you from around the net that have also touched my heart.  Sounds sappy yet that’s not the case. I’ve listed a few things that you’ll find here and things that you will not find. Listed below are also the only other websites that Norbela.com appears in at this time.

I have many goals for this site, I would love for you to accompany me while it grows and blossoms.  The fact that you are reading this is a sign that you are willing to take notice of this site, that’s all I can ask.

myhearticonWhat you can expect to find here:

  • Informational Articles and Links
  • Educational Resources Articles and Links
  • Technology Reviews Per End User Experience
  • Local or Travel Photography/Articles
  • Shopping Links
  • Links to Great Blogs
  • Inspirational and Motivational Tidbits/Quotes etc

What you will not find here:

  • Tons of Download-able Apps
  • Hate Articles/Links
  • X-rated Materials/Media

Norbela.com is not associated with any anime art account. The following sites are the only locations you can find postings, photos from Norbela.com :



What makes Norbela.com unique is me. I’ve written with the pen name of norbela since I began blogging in 2005 on my 1st blog: Pondering!  Then my Por La Causa blog was born. It was meant to be a Spanish version of my first blog. They mirror each other in many ways yet the articles are not the same in each.

Thank you for visiting.

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