Once a upon a blog I began to write only to struggle with sticking to one topic or niche thus norbela.com was born and I began to bloom.


Needless to say I never claimed that I was a comedian, you have been officially warned.  I was trying to do a play on words from photography to photohappy. Corny I know. Besides this blog, I am also linking pictures

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Let calm reign

“A lit candle is motionless, flickers or is blown out depending on the wind surrounding it. You’re not a candle, don’t act like one.” -by Norbela.com While situations we find ourselves in may be difficult at times, we need to remember

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Derecho Right

“Si no valoras ni cuidas, no tienes el derecho de quejarse cuando lo pierdas.” por Norbela.com “If you do not value nor take care, you have no right to complain when it’s gone.” by Norbela.com __________________________________________________________________________

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