Author: Norbela

Once a upon a blog I began to write only to struggle with sticking to one topic or niche thus was born and I began to bloom.

101 Jokes For Kids – Kid-Tested And Approved Laughs

Link Updated for Purchase: Now available on Amazon Kid tested and approved! 101 jokes for kids by kids is funny and easy to read. If you…

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Tv and Your Health

Summer in Florida gets hot pretty quick just as quickly as thunder storms approach. Both are reasons why many families find themselves indoors. The same…

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No more roller coasters

This  quote was a result of the very last incident that stopped me on my tracks.  

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Being surrounded by music, lovely flowers and an occasional outing to the beach or movies are all things I like. Simple things such as a…

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Forever Maya Angelou

“Goodbye’s imply no more, even if for a little while. You departed without a goodbye by leaving us with all that you were and will…

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