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New Year

Without a resolution in mind nor pressure to post on a specific date, here I am posting 3 days into the new year because today…

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A day in the park

  One Sunday we packed a picnic basket with fruits, snacks and sandwiches. Our destination was the Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park in Downtown Tampa Bay….

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Fragrant surprise

I woke up early on Feb 14 only to find my 19yr old had left with my car. You’d think I panic. Nope. First thought…

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Needless to say I never claimed that I was a comedian, you have been officially warned.  I was trying to do a play on words…

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Summer’s end

This summer I was determined to visit the beach a few more times than I did last year. Actually, that was easy since last year…

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Being surrounded by music, lovely flowers and an occasional outing to the beach or movies are all things I like. Simple things such as a…

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Simple Overnight Oatmeal

What defines this meal as simple is that it  “cooks” overnight. Well if you can call adding liquid to oatmeal and letting it sit overnight…

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Dear Judgment

Dear Judgment, Your interference shaped people’s future and not for the best.  You took the liberty of coming to conclusions without having most of the…

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A Tampa Sunset

It is not often that I am able to capture such an amazing sunset as this one.  Not because they do not occur often, but…

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