Forever Maya Angelou

“Goodbye’s imply no more, even if for a little while. You departed without a goodbye by leaving us with all that you were and will be.” by Norbela

As I attempted to process the news of author, poet, historian Dr. Maya Angelou’s passing today at the age of 86, I wrote the above quote in her honor.

What can be said in one quote, one chapter, one book or one lifetime that encompasses her essence? The nearest I can get is one word: Love.

Do not underestimate Love’s simplicity. It’s not that she loved us, it’s that she loved us equally. A soul that leaves a permanent imprint in this world such as hers is pure love at its simplest yet most powerful. Without love as a solid foundation compassion would crumble yet her compassion never did. Without love everything would crumble.

She shared her world with us and it awakened our courage, at times even shook us to our core. Words do have impact. It’s how, when and where we channel the impact that matters.

Generations will know her name while we were the blessed ones for having witnessed her rising and soaring during our lifetime.

I will close by sharing one of her quotes with you.

“A great soul serves everyone all the time. A great soul never dies. It brings us together again and again.” By Dr. Maya Angelou

May we always hold near and dear to our hearts her profound love for humanity as she herself was a gift to us.


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Author: Norbela

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