#Google Instant Search: On

Today Google announced the launch of Google Instant.  Towards the right of the search results you will find the instant status. The drop down file will let you turn it off.

Three key features are:

  1. Instant Results
  2. Predictions (Gray text on search bar is called search predictions.)
  3. Scroll to Search

According to Google, this faster search can save you 2-5 seconds per search. Which adds up.  Google Instant populates results without hitting enter or return, results are solely based on the predictive query.  My fave feature is the results feedback by typing a search, adding to the search query without clearing the search bar.

I also noted the search results felt tailored.  I searched for one of my websites via key words.  I learned that prior to this new enhancement roll out my search results would have me go as far as the second page to find my site. With Google Instant, I had only to enter the same query and it was front page albeit it a few links down but none-the-less up front.

The flip side is the implication that there may no longer be a need to visit subsequent pages if results are on the first page. To which I say we are creatures of habit.  In my case I’ll venture past the first page because I always find something refreshing and worthwhile.  Thus one can make the argument that this new search enhancement may or may not motivate us to purposely venture past the search results first page as much as that may exclusively be determined by our individual curiosity and habits.

More info on http://www.google.com/instant/

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