New Year

Without a resolution in mind nor pressure to post on a specific date, here I am posting 3 days into the new year because today I’m inspired. A few days before the 2015 came to a close I did the customary inventory on what I accomplished and still have pending to complete. What was left undone may or may not get carried over to 2016.  In my opinion a list of priorities must start with: Yourself. It’s about being in a position to handle what life throws at you. If you don’t take care of yourself it will take you down, incident by incident. What tools can we use to life’s ups and downs? For me it boils down to embracing the fact that uncontrollable issues pop up on any given day yet my center, my peace, is in my hands at all times. That is the constant, my awareness that things happen but I don’t have to let them have their way with my emotions, in essence with my life. It’s easy sometimes yet when it’s not easy I go into planning mode. What can I do to remedy the issue to the point where I can live with the it without it eating me up alive? I also noticed I don’t take a crazy amount of time/days looking for a potential solution. I don’t want to spend my time troubleshooting if I can avoid it. If you want to address managing how handle the uncontrollable, I offer you a challenge. Be inspired with whatever comes your way. Inspired to not let it get you down, inspired to create a solution for the problem, inspired to let it go when you know you can change or fix it while reminding yourself that you are stronger than you think. You are worth the investment so please start with yourself first.

This is how I am starting with myself for this new year. For 2016 I resolve not to waste a second on anything that made me miserable last year. I resolve not to forgot that every day is a perfect day to tweak what’s not working in my life. Lastly I resolve not to allow my creativity to take a back seat because if it’s not a priority, it will stifle and in the end so will I.


Author: Norbela

Once a upon a blog I began to write only to struggle with sticking to one topic or niche thus was born and I began to bloom.

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