Pinterest Inspired Closet Re-do

So far I’ve been inspired by Pinterest to try out new recipes, tips including house cleaning, decorating and gardening. Adding to that list is my first makeover, in this case, a closet makeover. Inspired by a closet which I added to one of my private boards. It spoke to me because the closet has the same layout as the closet that needed some work. Also, the shelving unit in the pin was similar in height and width as one I already owned.

A few tips when remodeling any closet.

1. Declutter first. I opted to declutter after I moved the shelving unit in the closet. Working in such a confined space with things piled up on the floor with only a thin gap to move the shelving in, was a exercise in contortion.

2. Take a break, as a matter of fact take several breaks. The task of sorting what would stay, be donated or thrown out was overwhelming at times. Breaking for a meal or just stretching will allow you to return refreshed to the task at hand.

3. Use an electric screw driver to remove screws holding the metal shelves. I own one yet I suspect it hid in the garage after the last project, since then it has not been seen. Used a regular screw driver which was no picnic due to extremely tight screws.

4. Take before and after pictures. If you’re up to it, take a few photos during the process. The photos will serve as motivation to complete other makeovers. I misplaced my phone in the clutter that’s why I had no during pictures. When I finally was able to sit and look at the before and after pictures, I smiled due to the results plus now it’s one more thing off my to-do list.

Article updated: Dec 29, 2014 8:24am

After. The norbela pinterest inspired  closet.
Taaa daaa! The results.


The messy frustrating closet.


The Inspiration photo on Pinterest by



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