Road less traveled

On my page you’ll see that I have a account. I have yet to write articles there under the pen name Norbela not for lack of topics nor motivation. My hesitation comes from the word “exposure.” My perception of Medium’s reach is that it’s large, which is fine, yet that is not comfortable for me at the moment. I have written there in my personal account. It was a leap I took to try it on for size and I still am not used to it. Believe it or not it does inspire me to write. The only hurdle I have to fully or mostly overcome is posting articles for all to see. You may ask, how is this different than blogging? Well I’ve been blogging of a long time and I considered it an online diary sort of speak, a more intimate setting. My first post on Pondering was a tiny one. I kept at it, made tons of mistakes, learned, made other mistakes, became restless with every other template I installed eventually I came to terms with writing. I have yet to reach that similar conclusion with Medium yet I am confident I will reach that point…it may be a road less traveled yet I know I will get there soon.


Author: Norbela

Once a upon a blog I began to write only to struggle with sticking to one topic or niche thus was born and I began to bloom.

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