Simple Overnight Oatmeal

What defines this meal as simple is that it  “cooks” overnight. Well if you can call adding liquid to oatmeal and letting it sit overnight in the fridge as cooking, well so be it. In a glass jar I used the following to make this delicious and might I add, addicting breakfast:

1/2 cup of dry/uncooked rolled oats
1cup of half n half (I ran out of coconut milk)
1 teaspoon of grounded flax seed
Ground cinnamon (as much or little as you wish)
Pure vanilla extract (about two drops)

Once all those ingredients are in the jar, I placed the lid on it then gave it a nice shake for about 30 seconds. Placed the jar in the fridge then I went to bed.

The next morning I took the jar out of fridge, poured the contents into a bowl to allow the oatmeal to reach room temperate while I chopped the apple pieces (half an apple) and the almonds (ten). Once I was happy with the oatmeal’s temperature I added the chopped apples and almonds.

In total I used 7 ingredients without spending more than 7 minutes total to prepare.

What you didn’t know was that I was not a big fan of oatmeal actually I avoided it was more like it. One of the reasons why I ventured to readdress my oatmeal issues was that I was getting tired of the same thing for breakfast so at times I skipped breakfast altogether. With oatmeal I can switch out the apples for half of a banana or even add raisins. If I’m motivated I’ll even grind some dry oatmeal, flax seed and mix with warm milk (usually coconut milk) plus cinnamon. I’ll have that instead of coffee in the morning.

Surprisingly, I have been enjoying my new relationship with oatmeal. I can only hope you also take the time to revisit your relationship with foods that you once disregarded, specially if they are good for you.


Author: Norbela

Once a upon a blog I began to write only to struggle with sticking to one topic or niche thus was born and I began to bloom.

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