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It has been a while since I’ve worn a watch mainly due to working with my hands thus wanting to avoid it’s destruction. Recently I was gifted a wrist wearing device that tracks steps, distance, sleep, alerts me of an incoming call plus displays the time. Despite it being sturdy I wanted to avoid it’s destruction. Still week after week it decently handled all I threw in its direction.

After my morning shower I went to put it back on when I hesitated. That brief pause caught me off guard. Of course, I had to ask myself why the hesitation? I wish there were a better way to describe what happened next other than it was as if my life flashed before me but not all the things I’d done nor was it cherished memories. It was a flash of things yet not done, things I once thought of doing. They all came rushing in as if not to be omitted. It was almost overwhelming. I sat, looked at this device that I was about to put on my wrist and decided not to wear it after all. I no longer want to only know how far I walked, instead I want to also know how much I lived. Was I merely taking steps for the sake of tracking or was I experiencing, exploring…? Yes and No.

This mental list of things not yet done was piling up and I didn’t even notice. It took a device to stop me in my tracks to take note, ironically a device that measures distance.

On any given day by any given method, life finds a way of reminding you that the time is now. It couldn’t have been better timing.

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