Tv and Your Health

Summer in Florida gets hot pretty quick just as quickly as thunder storms approach. Both are reasons why many families find themselves indoors. The same point can be said about the winter months around the country, people are indoors majority of the time. Indoors promotes tv watching, gaming, video chatting and other non physical time related activities. We’ll on gaming, depending on which game and the players intensity it’s clear they are not passively sitting. That being said I’ve always known sitting for a long periods of time doesn’t do much for your body. This is what I didn’t know.

Research is shedding detailed info such as watching three hours or more of tv daily doubles a person’s chances of dying prematurely in comparison to  those who watched less tv daily. I was doing my daily online (come to think of it, idle daily reading) when I ran into the following article on the subject.

Eye opener to say the least, interesting non the less. For a while now I was missing my tv time, now I’m missing it a whole lot less.


Author: Norbela

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