Blogs to Explore

It’s also known as a blog roll yet when I think of a blog roll all I can see is a log rolling on a hill. Inviting you to visit these sites.

Advancing Women
All Things Music
Artificial Intelligence and Robotics 
Boomdizzle LLCoolJ
Brady Smith – Austin Travel Consulting
Breathe Design
Deepak Chopra
Dial B for Blog
Digital Inspiration
Global Voices Online.Org
IFTF’s Future Now
Latina Bloggers Connect
Latina On A Mission News
Michael Yon Online Magazine
Nasa Blogs
NYTimes Technology Blog
People of the Second Chance
Sofrito For Your Soul
That Creative Mom
Tech Dirt
The Australian
The Huffington Post
The Pioneer Woman
The Ultimate Chocolate Blog
The World Economic Forum Blog
Wired News

Published on: Jan 8, 2016