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What you want

This is a recent life quote that I came up with and find it useful. It simply reminds me that whatever I am focusing on…

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Your brain vs your future

When I came across this video it made an impact on me. I shared it on my personal Facebook account. After viewing it again recently…

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Laptop vs Mobile

Most of everything I do online I do via my mobile phone. Most of everything except recently blogging as you may have noticed. This Christmas…

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Twitter Tech Feed

#technews Tweets

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Road less traveled

On my page you’ll see that I have a account. I have yet to write articles there under the pen name Norbela not for…

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♥ There are no lessons quotas in life. by Norbela ♥ Whether we’re teaching or we’re the students, there’s always a lesson to be learned….

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“Love never runs away, it steps back to gain momentum.” -by Norbela “Touched by love once, touched by love forever.” -by Norbela “Courage to say…

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New Year

Without a resolution in mind nor pressure to post on a specific date, here I am posting 3 days into the new year because today…

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Originally published on Medium on June 24, 2105 by @abbyce Timing It has been a while since I’ve worn a watch mainly due to working with my…

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A day in the park

  One Sunday we packed a picnic basket with fruits, snacks and sandwiches. Our destination was the Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park in Downtown Tampa Bay….

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